Monday, May 11, 2009

1st night adventures

After I arrived in Beijing the group of us headed off to find some dinner and bottled water because we were all very dehydrated. After wondering around a bit and being harassed by many Chinese trying to get patrons in the restaurant, we settled on a hot pot place that had menu items listed in English. Little did we know that we were basically doing the Chinese equivalent of The Melting Pot which is an extremely complicated ordering process. Also, no one that worked at the restaurant spoke any English....It was definitely an adventure for all of us! Our little Chinese waitress could not even wait on us because she was laughing so hard!

Here are some pics from the hot pot restaurant...

Today was our first day of school Tsinghua University is a really pretty school. Not quite as pretty as UNC though. I woke up at 3:00 AM this morning due to the jet lag. Katy and I went running around the campus around 7:00. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time exploring. We ate breakfast downstairs and walked to class around 9:30. The Purdue students are really cool and I even met one that is going to be on the same flight as me back to the US, so that was super exciting. We toured the campus with a really nice MBA student named Richard (He is Chinese, so I am sure that is not his real name :)) who is going to be on exchange at UNC in the fall. Pictures of the campus later...Gotta make a starbucks run and then off to dinner in Hou Hai district!


  1. So exciting to hear about what you are doing.


  2. Did you eat any crazy foods? I heard they have some crazy stuff there. Have you learned any Chinese yet? It sounds like you are having fun. I'm so jealous! You've got a country that I haven't been to.

  3. I love your blog! You have a great writing style. I am also glad you met Richard. I have been in touch with him, of course and he is excited to be at UNC this fall semester. :)
    thanks for sharing this.