Monday, May 11, 2009

Rooftop Dinner Night 2

Last night our whole group went to dinner at this really neat called Nuage restaurant on the Hou Hai lake. We sat on the was so are some pics of us and the view

Carina and Katy:
Carina and Me:
Irene, Dawn, and Me
Seth and Diane:

Just Me:
Beautiful View:
And this is for Lee...
I had shrimp rolls....
and Ginger Chicken Rice....
for dinner!
and I had some beer too Tsing Tao...Delicious Chinese Beer!!!


  1. It all sounds wonderful and so exciting. Nice outfit!! Owie says Aunt Anna is eating Chinese food.

  2. Can you get the internet there? What about TV? Do they have indoor plumbing? What is the weather like? Do you have a really small room like they always show on TV? We want details!!!

    Glad to see you are okay


  3. Actually I have a nice sized hotel room, there is indoor plumbing and the weather is just like it is in North Carolina. Later on today I will take some pictures of the hotel and the hotel room and post them. Tell Owie I said hello!