Saturday, May 9, 2009

On my way

It is 7:30 AM US time, 7:30 PM Beijing time, and I am making my last few preparations for my trip. I will fly from RDU to Dulles, then at 12:22 I will be on my way to China. Once I get to Beijing I will meet up with some other students from UNC and Purdue to catch a bus to our hotel. The information says just to look for a sign that says Krannert Management School. HA! I am wondering how that will work out in one of the busiest and most crowded airports in the world. If I can't find the bus, I have this piece of paper to show to the cabby with a bunch of Chinese symbols that will tell him where my hotel is!

Here is what is says:
如有问题,可以拔打酒店的电话:6279-1888. 谢谢! ☺

I am so excited and nervous. This is the farthest I have traveled since I went to Australia when I was in high school. Everybody says there are lots of people everywhere, and I wonder what that will feel like after being in North Carolina for so long...maybe like Franklin Street after the National Championship win. I hope not all the time. The weather there seems to be really similar to North Carolina this time of year, which makes sense. Did you know that the part of China where Beijing is located actually has a very similar climate to the Eastern United States?

Okay...time for some last minute packing adjustments. My good friend from business school, Griff, is coming to pick me up for the airport around 8. (Thank you so much Griff!!)

My next post will be updates from China!

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  1. Have a good time. Be careful, remember not everyone in the world is like they are at home in NC.